December 1, 2023
Work from Anywhere 750

Work from Anywhere 750

My husband and I bought a RV trailer and a truck eight years ago and I put my thriving web design firm, Dora Kay Design, on the road.

Work From Anywhere: Like most folks who work online, I work full-time. When your profession involves building websites on the internet, geographic freedom is one of the perks.

I’m passionate (even obsessed!) about web design, and I can do it from anywhere … so I do.

Boondocking in Apple Valley3 1 scaled
Boondocking in Apple Valley – My office” (D.Saparow)

Our home is in Denver, Colorado, but my husband and I travel all over North America for about nine months every year. During that time, my “home office” has a constantly changing view. Blue skies, mountains, rolling hills—the beauty of nature surrounds me and inspires me to do my best work as a creative. I make stunning, powerful websites while looking out at vistas which would take your breath away.

AL Salmon Glacier 1 scaled
Salmon Glacier 9D. (D. Saparow)

I couldn’t work from anywhere without some essential tools—because even though I’m sometimes far from civilization, my clients deserve quick responses to their questions and concerns. I never want web connectivity issues to interfere with deadlines or deliverables.

Eight years into being a digital nomad I’ve perfected my tech set-up.

I have:

  1. A laptop loaded up with all my design software,
  2.  A 4G LTE smartphone with a truly unlimited data plan, which powers up a WiFi hotspot on demand, and 
  3. A dedicated hot spot device. (Optional but recommended.)
  4. 4G LTE booster. With it, I can get a reliable internet connection even where most smartphones wouldn’t.
  5. A VPN (Virtual Private Network). While traveling, if I don’t have a signal at our campsite, I work on websites on a wide range of Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, etc. With a VPN, my data is protected.

(A laptop, smartphone, and booster are all I need… but I’m eagerly awaiting the rollout of satellite-enabled Starlink for RVs. Simple, always-on high-speed internet in the remotest of remote areas? Yes, please!)

Denali National Park and Preserve2 scaled
Denali National Park and Preserve2 scaled

I take customer service seriously. Me staying connected to the internet means you’ll be able to contact me or someone on my web team anytime. Simply go here and we’ll get back to you promptly. I don’t work from an office, but I’m just as available to my clients as I would be if I did.

Littlefield AZ PANO scaled
Washington, Utah – Another view from my “home office”.

Some people complain that their life is all work and no play. And I’ll be honest—some people see my photos and think my life is all play and no work.

But the truth is, what we’ve found on the road is balance.

Balance. An elusive thing, but worth striving for.

Happy Trails,

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