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Where are Mike and Dora today?

On the Road! Winter Park, CO

    RV Boondocking North America, One Campsite at a Time

    Mike and Dora are an adventurous couple who love to travel across the US and Canada. They blog about their travels and share photos of the places they’ve seen, from Mexico to Alaska – providing a first-hand account of what it’s like to travel as a RV traveler, boondocker, and camper.

    In 2012, Mike and Dora started off camping in a small tear-drop trailer, but eventually they transitioned into a 30′ Lance Travel Trailer. Mike does the planning and itinerary, photography and informational videos, while Dora blogs, does photography and keeps the trailer ship-shaped and ready for travel. What makes them such an amazing couple is that they balance each other out perfectly – each has certain skills that the other lacks!

    Join Us!

    This site is a place for people who love to travel by RV and explore North America while doing it. It is a destination for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation to do their own adventures, big or small.

    Inside you can find articles about what we have been up to, the places we have been, and the people we meet along the way. You can also check out our photography portfolio or visit our blog to read all about our adventures from the perspective of an RV travel blogger.

    United States

    United States

    United States

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