You want to make sure that your vehicle is stable and level so you can enjoy your trip without any bumps or wobbles. That’s where an Andersen Camper Leveler for RV or travel trailers comes in!

What Is a Andersen Camper Leveler for Travel Trailers?

Andersen Camper Levelers for RV or travel trailers is a ramp that helps you level your camper trailer without using RV leveling blocks. This is done by providing a gradual slope from the ground to your trailer, making it easier and faster to get your camper situated.

There are many different types of ramp kits available on the market, but the Andersen Camper Leveler is one of the most popular and highly rated. It works with trailers weighing up to 30,000 pounds and accommodating tires as large as 32 inches in diameter.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Andersen Camper Leveling for Travel Trailers?

There are many benefits to using a ramp kit for travel trailers. For starters, they are much faster and easier to use than RV leveling blocks. They are also very durable and strong, and can withstand even the heaviest of trailers.

How to Use an Andersen Camper Leveler for Travel Trailers

First, find a level spot to park your trailer. You don’t want it to be too high or too low, as this will make it difficult to use the ramp kit.

Next, take the two ramps and place them in front of your camper tires. The ramps should be facing the opposite direction of where your wheels are located. Slowly drive onto the ramps until both of your camper’s tires are on top of them. Make sure that each tire is evenly placed on top of its corresponding ramp—you don’t want one wheel higher than the other.

Once both tires are on top of the ramps, use a level to check that your trailer is level.

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