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Mike and Dora with new truck and trailer

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Yes, Dora talks to the trees… smile

My name is Dora and I, along with my husband, Mike, are RVers who explore North America from Mexico to the Alaskan Arctic Circle. On our blog, we share our stories from our adventures, as well as tips and tricks on how to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Camping is an outdoor activity that takes us away from the fast-paced lifestyle of modern society. Camping allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend time with one-another.

There are many ways to camp, but one of the most enjoyable is boondocking on BLM or National Forest land, where we can stay a couple of weeks and enjoy nature at her finest.

Yes, I love our RV travels so much I wake up in the morning, look out the trailer’s overhead window and I talk (and sing) to the trees! Mike tells me to keep my day job. smile (See video below.)

Happy Trails.

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